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Is this adulthood?

I realised today that it’s been nearly a year since my last blog post of note. Teenage Jem would be ashamed, adult Jem is wondering how the fuck a year passed in the blink of an eye. Get up, walk the dog, breakfast, school run, work work work, school run, cook, clean, walk the dog,… read more →

On the life-changing nature of diagnosis

It’s hard to know where to start this post. Do I start it as a child where I knew I wasn’t quite the same as my peers? Do I start it as a new parent where things suddenly started to become apparent that I’d not noticed before? Do I start it at the point where… read more →

We Got a Dog

If you’re a long time reader / follower of my antics on social media, you’ll know that the jemjabella household is a bit of a zoo. OK, a lot of a zoo. Well, we finally added another head to that this year when – after ~3 years of research, putting it off, saving, more research,… read more →

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Photo of Jem sat with her husband Gareth, and friend Matt

Hello... I'm Jem.

I’m a blog post writing, website making, heavy weight lifting, geek t-shirt collecting, taekwon-do doing, feminist mama geek. Or something like that.

I work at home and create things online for money: websites, content, bad jokes on twitter (nobody pays me for that one really).

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